Five Occasions Perfect for Gourmet Frozen Entrées

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Life is busy. With so much on your plate all the time, preparing meals often gets brushed aside. While take-out and fast food are convenient, there are many occasions that warrant a hassle-free home-cooked meal. That’s where gourmet frozen entrées come in.

Five Occasions Perfect for Gourmet Frozen Entrées

Here are five occasions perfectly suited for gourmet frozen entrées:

  1. Potlucks and dinner parties – Potlucks are a fun time to show off that special family recipe, but when you’re short on time, a gourmet frozen entrée is a great option. Frozen entrées often come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to cover a whole dinner party or whoever eyes your dish on the potluck table. With quality ingredients and gourmet twists, a frozen entrée can wow a crowd just as much as your grandma’s casserole recipe.
  2. Sympathy meals – When someone is going through a difficult time, delivering a frozen entrée can be a meaningful gesture. With so many different culinary options available today, frozen meals have never been so versatile. Show them you are thinking about them with a gourmet frozen entrée that can be heated up whenever they need it.
  3. A new baby – With all the excitement of welcoming a new baby to the family, frozen entrées can come in handy. While fresh dinners and take-out orders are great, frozen meals can be stowed for later use, when they’ve had a long night and longer day and just need an easy meal. Stock the happy family’s freezer with frozen entrées they can use for months to come.
  4. Weekend excursions – Getting away for the weekend? Bring along a few frozen entrées for easy meals after a fun-filled day. Make the most of your cozy cabin or breezy beach retreat while enjoying your hassle-free gourmet meal.
  5. A cozy night in – No matter the day you’ve had, it’s always nice to have dinner taken care of. Keeping gourmet frozen entrées on hand lets you enjoy a delicious, quality meal whenever you want.

The truth is there’s never a bad time to enjoy a gourmet frozen meal. Come see our selection of delectable frozen entrées at Jamie’s Main & Local!