What Are You Getting with Artisan Goods?

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At Jamie’s Main & Local, we carry a wonderful selection of artisan goods, but many customers don’t always understand what the word “artisan” means. Yes, it might mean that the items are “specialty” items, but what is it that makes them so special? Here is what you are really getting when you choose artisan goods from our store:

  • Tradition – Artisans are traditionally people who choose to focus specifically on creating products in the old tradition rather than using industrial methods for manufacturing. When you buy artisan goods, you are choosing products that are created with care by people who have spent their lifetime learning the tradition of creating specialty items the old-fashioned way.

What Are You Getting with Artisan Goods?

  • Heritage – Another important feature of artisan goods is that the process of making them is often passed down from one generation to another. This great care is part of the heritage of the product and the name that goes with it. Many families that create artisan goods are proud of the traditions their families have passed down over the years.
  • Local – Because of the care that goes into creating artisan goods, many products remain local to the area. When you buy artisan goods, you are supporting local businesses and local families, which supports the economy in the place where you live.

Next time you are looking for a special gift, putting together a special meal, or even just looking for a treat for yourself, make sure to stop by and shop our artisan goods. We know you’ll see and taste the difference! We look forward to serving you!